Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Willie Tarver (1932-2010) - Folk Art

Georgia artist Willie Tarver found his artistic calling late in life: he started making art only after spending twenty-five years as a refrigerator repairman. He began by sculpting tombstones out of concrete before moving to painted cement figures created over scrap metal armatures. Eventually, Tarver stopped working with cement altogether and focused solely on the welded armatures themselves.

His experimentations continued when he was joined by his wife of 55 years, Mae. Together, they built gracefully angular figures and painted tin cut-outs. Tarver attributed most of his ideas to Greek mythology, the bible, and occasionally his voodoo heritage. His metal sculptures can be seen in the Folk Art Park in Atlanta GA, and in the permanent collections of the House of Blues and the Telfair Museum in Savannah, GA.

Artworks by Willie Tarver (1932-2010) - Folk Art