Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Steve Abee - Pottery

Steve Abee is one of “Catawba Clay; Contemporary Southern Face Jug Makers”. Born in 1968, Steve is one of the youngest, yet one of the most collectible, of this coveted group of potters who follows the traditional Catawba Valley method and styles. He uses only the 19th century methods of pottery making that were kept alive and passed on by Burlon Craig of Vale, NC.

He has created a certain look to his face jugs that is immediately recognizable. The well defined nose with flaring nostrils, white bulging eyes with cobalt pupils and the large gapping mouth with two rows of white teeth are part of Steve’s trademark look.

Steve is also one of the few potters who also excels at miniature jugs and pitchers. And, he does beautiful swirl pieces using the swirl technique that is such an important part of historic Catawba Valley pottery which is fairly hard to find these days. 

Because Steve and other Catawba potters fire their pieces in their own wood-burning ground hog kilns, there is always an element of surprise when the pieces are unloaded. Steve and others of this area also use only locally dug clay.

Video Courtesy of Catawba Valley Potters of NC.

Artworks by Steve Abee - Pottery