Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Robin Howard - Mixed Media

Robin Howard has created a series of assemblage boxes through an amazing combination of found objects and artful pieces.

Each viewer is invited into imaginary worlds through vignettes that are inspiring, mysterious, playful... and sometimes haunting.  Her work explores the roles between science, nature, magic, and myth through mixed-media works that incorporate storytelling and found objects. Robin’s art incorporates traditional techniques with the innocence of the outsider genre.”

Robin is a full-time artist who lives and works in Charleston, South Carolina. Born in rural Indiana, Robin was inspired by the outsider artists of the rural South and Midwest. After graduating from Indiana University with a degree in Anthropology and studying paper-making at Columbia College in Chicago, her art evolved to incorporate traditional techniques with the innocence of the outsider genre.  Her work has been exhibited in local and regional galleries, in national print media, and featured on HGTV.

Artworks by Robin Howard - Mixed Media