Reconstruction and the Red Headed Woodpecker

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Reconstruction and the Red Headed Woodpecker


Reconstruction & the Red Headed Woodpecker - Encaustic painting utilizing image transfers of photographs taken by Christine, 16x20, framed. Encaustic is painting with molten beeswax, mixed with damar resin and pigments. 

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Sajecki’s encaustic paintings are dreamy and sometimes allegorical explorations of her surroundings. They are shaped by history, storytelling, social engagement, urban foot paths, and the body and behavior of the materials she uses.

Encaustic is Ms. Sajecki’s favored medium.  “Encaustic is my home. It's almost like a living thing- its warmth, its body, its behaviors- and painting with it engages all the senses in ways that other mediums don't. Encaustic is so tactile, so physical, and so malleable.”

Christine Sajecki


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This is our house on 33rd Street constructed out of photocopies of actual pieces of wood from the house. I haaaaaated rehabbing that house, haha. It was such a never ending, no fun, soul crushing burden that I had to make art about it. One day I was in the back glowering at a 6-foot tall pile of wood we removed from the house we saved to reuse. Of course we needed a piece from the bottom row. Ugh! Then a red headed woodpecker started making a racket nearby. He seemed like he was really trying to make a point about something. I looked them up and found out that they are can be assholes, like they'll kick other birds out of their nests and move in. So, since I felt like a asshole myself  for being so grumpy about the house, I put the woodpecker in a piece about the house trying to make the best of things. I started the painting in 2009, but recently attacked it new (now that I'm happier) and tried to make it more beautiful by adding the blue sky and clouds.

  • Each piece is hand painted and is one-of-a-kind.

  • Complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S.

  • I am available for commission work. Please call 912-677-2845.