Jared Seff

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He Jabs.jpg

Jared Seff


He Jabs by Jared Seff is a study of two fighters. One jabs, the other blocks.

Oil study in umber, 11.5" x 9.75" including frame.   

In this series through brush and paint a poetic representation of the dichotomy between a blood sport and technical art form brings an ancient theme of combat into a romantic realm while not masking the grit of the spectacle.

An added layer of tension is that all of these scenes are directly inspired by on-site drawings and studies of Jared's triplet brother and sister who are both mixed martial arts fighters themselves. This highly personal connection to the fights created an internal dilemma of processing outward heart-wrenching scenes. The ancient theme crescendos as his two beloved siblings enter into the ring, onto the stage, and now in paint onto the canvas.

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