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SavArtScene 2018

SavArtScene: Best of 2018 picks from Savannah arts community

By Kristopher Monroe, Savannah Art Scene, December 6, 2018

“I asked each person about the most notable art event of 2018 they were personally involved in and also asked about the most notable event they were not involved in. Their answers provide a delightful mix of perspectives that highlight the mosaic of creative experiences that make up the Savannah arts scene.”

Leslie Lovell: Artist and owner of Roots Up Gallery.

Most notable event involved in: “I absolutely loved the ‘FastFood?’ show by Rubi McGrory and Peter Roberts at Location Gallery. It made you stop and examine how and why fast food has become so entrenched in our lives. The omnipresent allure of fast food, from the nostalgia of childhood memories to their marketing campaigns, has made it a staple in American culture. The creativity in that show, depicting all these aspects and more, were vast in the array of mediums used to their amazing execution. I personally had such fun pushing my boundaries creating an assemblage sculpture from repurposed Happy Meal pieces. An added benefit is that it kept 100 pieces from the landfill — and to never trust a hot glue gun with plastics and rubber!”

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