Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Mr. Imagination - Outsider/Folk Art

Gregory Warmack, better known as Mr. Imagination, was an Outsider artist working in variety of forms including sandstone, discarded objects, and thousands of bottlecaps. Many of his works were thematically influenced by African and Egyptian masks and dress.

In the 70s he made and sold art at street fairs. While in Chicago in 1978, he was shot during a mugging and lapsed into a coma. During his hospitalization, he had a spiritual vision which he described as "very peaceful, almost as if I was traveling through history and looking at ancient civilizations." The incident spurred Warmack to renew his focus on art and broaden his scope. Shortly after he began using the name Mr. Imagination.

Mr. Imagination's first solo exhibition was assembled in 1983 at the Carl Hammer Galleries in Chicago. He lived and worked in Chicago until 2001, when he relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. There he contributed pieces to Lehigh University's campus and the Zoellner Arts Center, worked with the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, and hosted workshops for children. In January 2008 his home was destroyed in a fire, and shortly thereafter he moved to Atlanta, Georgia. He continued working and exhibiting in Atlanta until his death from a blood infection in 2012 at age 64. (Photo courtesy of the Chicago Tribune).

Artworks by Mr. Imagination - Outsider/Folk Art