Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Martha Asaph - Painting

I have been fascinated with the kinetics of art for as long as I can remember. In my paintings I try to convey a sense of movement and depth and emotion.  Environmental effects fascinate me. I like the abstraction that an overlay of snow brings.

My method is full of subtraction and addition. I start with a concept and rough it in and then let the image push me in directions, sometimes very unexpected.

The art is, after all, in the doing.

I have been classically trained, at the Fachhochschule Neiderrhein, Werkunstschule Krefeld, Germany, The University of Wisconsin, and the Art Institute of Chicago and studied art history at the Friedrichs Wilhelm University in Bonn, Germany . 

I helped start the Figurative Art League of the North Shore of Chicago.  I have taught art in public, private and my own school, and for eighteen months was the resident artist on a cruise ship. I have created and run volunteer art projects in Illinois, New Mexico, California, South Dakota, New Jersey and Alaska.

Artworks by Martha Asaph - Painting