Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Louis Vuittonet - Outside/Folk Art

Welcome to my mind… catch a glimpse of dreams and nightmares that haunt me. See a painting for what it is and you get the whole story. Then see it again within it's continuity and you might discover something entirely new. I just paint, my art comes from deep within; it's raw and visceral. I don't explain my work because I feel art has an individual impact.

I'm a self-taught artist. I was born in Texas in the year 43' and I have dabbled in art as long as I can remember. For my work, I use acrylics, oils, ink, layers of paper, tape, house paint, spray paint, and a wide variety of other elements that just happen to come between me and my palette. What inspires me while working in my studio is beyond me it just comes…and I go with the flow. My work is in the homes of collectors in the US and abroad.

OutsiderArt: Louis Vuittonet paints behind a storied net, his work at times using a kind of pictograph as writing, as words to the story. Vuittonet's paintings don't give it up easily; their layered colors and scratched, rubbed surfaces tell as much as the images. He's an old time trickster with color.

Artworks by Louis Vuittonet - Outside/Folk Art