Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Lisa Ocampo - Paintings

“Once Upon a Time” played a predominate role in my childhood and the development of my imagination. In that pretend realm anything was possible even probable. Art was also an everyday event. My father is a talented artist yet colorblind. Our nights were spent at the kitchen table where I would pick out the tubes of color he requested from an old shoebox while I drew in my sketchpad. My pictures were of buildings with 100 windows but no doors, animals with princess heads and humans with horns, yellow hair and wings. Ideas were endless and only needed to make sense to me.

As I got older I wanted my paintings to look realistic like my father’s. I struggled with different mediums and techniques until I was content, but the joy of creating was not there anymore; however, the need to paint was...Then “Once Upon a Time” started slipping into my work and the joy of painting was once again part of the process. Ideas come from everywhere and nowhere like snippets of dreams only remembered later in the day. The dimensions of a canvas may conjure an image, a color combination that strikes me as odd, words that start with the letter ‘M’, a poetic turn of phrase or the smell of candy corn can be my muse of the day. Sometimes it is simply the need to apply wet colorful paint to a big blank canvas.

I can look back on my past work and recall emotions, fears and dreams of a time gone by; a colorful journal of my fable where “Happily Ever After is seen through peripheral vision.”

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