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Linette Dubois - Mixed Media

Linette Dubois grew up in Miami and Chattanooga, and has lived in Georgia since attending the University of Georgia. Painting has always been an essential part of her life. She spent several years caring for patients in an Atlanta emergency department. She now resides in Savannah and divides her time between working on a PTSD research study, painting in her studio, and taking care of her two sweet sons.

Oak Series:

I spend countless hours outside, surrounded by the ever-present oak trees as my two energetic boys run circles around me. The presence of the oaks in my work depicts the strength that motherhood requires, while the figurative nature of their structure serves as a reminder of the fragility that exists in counterbalance to that strength.

The oaks are a protector of wildlife, a provider of shelter and nutrients. Similarly, my role as a mother includes not only the protection of my children, but also their environment and what they hold dear. The structures I have created house experiences and memories of treasured moments.

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Artworks by Linette Dubois - Mixed Media