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Lind Hollingsworth - Painting

Lind Hollingsworth creates 2D relief paintings where her architectural background plays a part in bringing moments in time to life.

She has lived in the south all her life, the last 30 of those years in Savannah, Georgia, where she and her husband worked and raised two children.

Around the age of 32 she left her architectural interior design career to teach elementary school art.  In the fall of 2000 she opened The Art School, providing after school lessons for youth, as well as figure drawing and art lessons for adults. At that point, she began producing her own work and developed a personal style and technique.

In 2008 she began adding other media to her paintings which evolved into the technique she calls "relief paintings". Her architectural background is incorporated in her work as well as influencing her subject matter. Lind plans out her pieces; measures, cuts, glues,  assembles, and paints to create each unique piece. She also still enjoys teaching others to draw, paint and discover the joy of artistic creation.

Commissioned work available 912-677-2845

Artworks by Lind Hollingsworth - Painting