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Lind Hollingsworth - Painting

Lind Hollingsworth creates 2D mixed media relief paintings. She utilizes and array of materials including rag paper, mat board, wood, spackling, paper based clay, and acrylic paints to create each piece of art. One series of her work incorporates her architectural background bringing Moments in Time to life. Another series, Rivers and Trees, focuses on the contours and patterns of our waterways. And her new Icons of the Natural World is focused on the supporting roles of small creatures in our ecosystem.

While teaching art history, she became interested in icons and the belief that visual objects can possess a spiritual power. While the icons of old glorified human beings of religious significance, this Icons of the Natural World glorifies the small everyday creatures that have supporting roles in our ecosystem. Unlike the icons believed to protect the faithful, these objects of devotion need our protection. Honeybees, songbirds, frogs, turtles, monarchs and milkweed are a few included in this series.

Lind has lived in the south all her life with the last 30+ years in Savannah, Georgia, where she and her husband worked and raised two children. Her path has taken her from an architectural interior design career to teaching elementary school art.  In the fall of 2000 she opened The Art School in Savannah providing after school lessons for youth, as well as figuritive drawing and art lessons for adults. This became her turning point where she began producing her own work and developed a personal style and technique.

She still enjoys teaching others to draw, paint and discover the joy of artistic creation.

Commissioned work available 912-677-2845

Artworks by Lind Hollingsworth - Painting