Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Jewelry by Leslie Lovell

Leslie Lovell - Paintings | Mixed Media | Jewelry | Ceramics | Photography

I am a self-taught artist in Savannah, GA, who works in an array of mediums. My style is organic in ceramics, jewelry, painting, encaustic, and photography. In ceramics if I make a perfect bowl it has to be altered to find its personality. I like to repurpose items to create something unique in jewelry and encaustic works. When painting I'm always working with new techniques and surfaces. And in photography I like to find angles and snippets that represent something soulful.

Inspiration often comes from a base piece of material I happen upon so it may evolve into a painting, a necklace or an idea for a piece of pottery.

Commissioned work available 912-677-2845 | Leslie Lovell Artworks Instagram

Mixed Media by Leslie Lovell

Paintings by Leslie Lovell