Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Kimberly Dawn Crowder - Paintings | Mixed Media

Kimberly has been a full-time artist since 1993 and makes her paintings and sculptures out of the discarded items of others which she recycles and turns into something of value. Some of the materials she uses include plywood, discarded lumber, old doors, windows, drums, guitars, clothing, automobiles, buildings, and even the occasional human. She occasionally does live painting performances for concerts, festivals, and charity events.

“The most fun is the hunt in finding the materials,” Clayton has said. “I am hoping it is part of my legacy one day because I want it to so something important to help the environment. These materials are not a secret and we don’t have to use expensive art supplies to make something beautiful.”

Kimberly’s artwork is displayed in various homes, galleries, and businesses across the globe and is collected by an assortment of celebrities and at least one unnamed ex-U.S. President. She's also worked with numerous organizations through her art, including House of Blues, Give5, and Extreme Home Makeover, and has illustrated nine popular children's books. She also occasionally sells her art to help people in need.