Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Jeff Zeigler - Painter

Savannah artist Jeff Zeigler creates buoyantly energetic paintings charged with electric colors and dynamic line. Some people say his paintings are like “visual music.” His goal, Zeigler says in his artist’s statement, is to create paintings that represent the wonder and magic of everyday life. One can observe the influence of his two strongest artistic role models, Jacob Lawrence and Keith Haring, being blended into a new sort of exuberant neo-primitivism.

Calling himself an experimental folk artist, Zeigler strives to capture and appreciate life’s fleeting moments. He says, “I love art because it is something that never leaves me. Life is always changing. People come and go, events shift, and even the temperature varies from day to day. However, art is constant.” Jeff Zeigler is currently working on a children’s book centered around his paintings and a book of short stories. His artworks have been on display across Georgia.