Courtesy of Yard Dog Art

  Courtesy of Yard Dog Art

Ike Morgan - Outsider Art/Folk Art

Ike Morgan, a prolific and well-known outsider artist, began his art career while a long-term patient, being treated for schizophrenia, at the Austin State Hospital. Photographs in books and magazines often inspire his work, and he is especially known for his presidential portraits.

"I may work today or maybe tomorrow, " he often says. Yet, almost always he picks up his brush. A feat that seems all the more amazing considering any one of Mr. Morgan's troubles - mental illness, isolation, a killing - could have destroyed him. Instead, his creative spirit has blossomed to the point that art experts say he, along with a few others, will define Texas folk art in the late 20th century.

While Morgan is no longer at the Austin State Hospital, he continues to live in Austin. 

Artworks by Ike Morgan - Outsider Art/Folk Art