Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Hubert Walters - Outside/Folk Art

Hubert Walters was born in 1931 in Jamaica, West Indies and died in 2008. Walters worked as a commercial fisherman in Jamaica before moving to New York in the 1970s where he worked for two years as a carpenter before again relocating to North Carolina with his wife where they ended up settling. Walter began exhibiting and selling his art at flea markets around the area and eventually quit his job at the textile mill where he had been working to pursue his art making full-time.

Hubert typically creates an armature of wood, metal, and found objects and covers it with bondo to make his sculptures. He then paints them in graphic black and white, with touches of reds and oranges which has become his signature style. His early repertoire of boat building eventually expanded to include grandfather clocks, animals, people, and buildings. His work has been included in many collections including the New Orleans Museum of Art and the St. James Place Folk Art Museum.

Artworks by Hubert Walters - Outside/Folk Art