Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Hazel Kinney (1912-2013) - Outsider/Folk Art

Hazel Kinney of Toller Hollow Kentucky, began creating artwork in the early 1980’s after becoming inspired by the works created by her husband, Noah Kinney, and his brother, noted self-taught artist Charley Kinney.

Her work is very sensitive and innocent, often depicting daily farm life and the animals she interacted with. Some paintings are also characterized by their biblical narratives where she enjoyed putting her personal flourish on well-known stories like those from the Old Testament: the Garden of Eden, Noah’s Ark and Moses crossing the Red Sea. Hazel's bold compositions and use of color complement the simplicity of style that makes her work so engaging.

Her work is currently in the permanent collection of the Kentucky Folk Art Center.

Artworks by Hazel Kinney (1912-2013) - Outsider/Folk Art