The Remaining Lifetime Collection of Herbert Albin (1919-2006)

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We are delighted to share with you this collection by Herbert Albin who was known as a modern day renaissance man. His life was entrenched in the arts; a concertmaster by his first career and an artist of exquisite marquetry mosaics in his second. Through this collection of works you have the opportunity to enjoy an art form practiced by a scant few due the painstaking time it takes to design, plan, and execute such creations.


Herbert Albin spent two decades, from the 1970s to the 90s, creating exquisite abstract and pictorial artworks he called marquetry wood mosaics. In these pieces he often used exotic tonewood, the same type of wood used to make stringed instruments. In music each wood has different sound qualities, strength and color. In artwork these woods, with their high polish, defined patterns, and color variations, work together to create delicate and aesthetically pleasing palettes. Some of the woods he used, such as the Brazilian Rosewood, African Zebra, Camphor Burl, Hawaiian Koa, Pink Ivory and Birdseye Maple, are rare due to there scarcity by overuse, natural disasters, and trade restrictions.

Albin strongly carries many qualities of Cézanne's who had an architectural ideal in his paintings. Cézanne approached painting by constructing a picture using layered, methodical brushstrokes, rather than painting a picture of what he saw. He believed "every portion of the canvas should contribute to its overall structural integrity." This is very much the approach of Herbert Albin.

His works also have a musical quality. Some have related his work to the Music of the Spheres, also known as Harmony of the Spheres, which lends itself to a mathematical undertone. While examining each piece, there is no doubt a current of problem solving is taking place to make each piece work to create a whole.

Herbert Ablin was German born and immigrated to the U.S. with his wife, Stella, a trained fiber artist and musician, living their lives primarily in Southeast including South Carolina and Georgia. He was a trained violinist studying at the University of Kiel and the music academies of Weiman and Berlin. His first career followed the musical path becoming the concertmaster with the Symphony Orchestras of Charleston, S.C. and Augusta, GA.

Roots Up Gallery showcases collection of pictorial wood mosaics by Herbert Albin

By Kristopher Monroe | Savannah Morning News | February 28, 2019