Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Eric Legge - Outsider/Folk Art

Artist Eric Legge was working at a developmental center for severely mentally and physically handicapped patients when he simultaneously developed a profoundly spiritual outlook on life, and a strong desire to express himself seriously through art.

A painter since the age of 3, Legge creates work that is influenced by nature and his surroundings, incorporating found objects and a bright color palette to illustrate his uplifting personal philosophy. “Being able to think, see and comprehend the world around you, that is a wonderful gift. I guess I decided that painting and creating art is the best way to use that gift,” he says. During the Atlanta Olympics, Legge was one of a small handful of Georgia folk artists that were allowed to show their artwork in the public venues. In addition, the Asheville, NC-based artist has exhibited at the House of Blues in Atlanta, GA and in the Hurn Museum.