Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Emitte Hych - Folk Art

Emmett spent his first 30 years in rural Mississippi. As a young man he worked as a sharecropper picking cotton. During his forties he moved to the Midwest to live with his sister. Along the way he gained experience as a cook leading to work in the Midwest. One day he started decorating the inside of his house with colorful stencil-painted designs on the walls and polka dots on the ceilings. On the outside he painted old oil drum lids putting them on the trees and fences. As to why he began this artistic endeavor he said, “The Lord showed me what to do.”

He drew and painted simple whimsical scenes of men, women, snakes, elephants, cotton, and imaginary plants.

Emitte was discovered by Sherry Pardee who was an avid collector in Iowa. She traveled extensively in the region finding new folk and outsider artists bringing many unknowns to light.