Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Deborah Miller - Jewelry

Deborah Sherron Miller is a self-taught artist who lives in Savannah, Georgia. Her art is a journey of exploration for herself and the audience. Her projects usually begin with a basic vision, with no concept of color or form, ultimately shaped by imagination and creativity. Her main platform has been canvas, but jewelry has etched a foundation in her creative space as well.

As a child, Deborah was drawn to her artistic fire by her grandmother, who was a talented artist in her own right. With her grandmother’s guidance and her passion ignited, she began drawing and painting. Living and learning in diverse places throughout the United States and Europe only fanned the artistic flames, bringing more depth and character to her creations.

The artist is the epitome of the whole person concept, not limiting her passions to just art and culture. She is a web designer, poet, and integral part of an organization devoted to protecting the earth and she has taken her talents to the cadets at Benedictine Military School as a part time art educator.