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Chris 'Chub' Hubbard - Folk Art

In 1998, Chris “Chub” Hubbard left a twenty-year career as a microbiologist and environmental consultant to answer his calling and become an artist. The Kentucky native (now Athens, GA resident) has had no formal artistic training since grade school, yet has exhibited work at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD and in small galleries up and down the east coast.

Much of Hubbard’s work explores the dichotomy between good and evil, including the piece for which he is best known: the “Heaven & Hell” car. Hubbard’s figures blend dark romanticism with vibrant primitivism, effectively pitting light and dark against each other in a multi-layered approach. To create his works, Hubbard draws from his Catholic upbringing and deep appreciation of outsider folk artists like R.A. Miller, Howard Finster, and Edgar Trolson. He also pulls inspiration from Latino santos carvings.

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Artworks by Chris 'Chub' Hubbard - Folk Art