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Amy Lansburg - Mixed Media

Amy Lansburg started out building furniture before serendipitously discovering her abilities as a fine artist. When building full-scale furniture became too physically demanding, Lansburg would sit in her studio and carve tenons from small twigs, eventually making small chairs. These chairs came to be called “Pajama Chairs,” because Lansburg would often make them at three in the morning in her bathrobe. From these late-night sessions, she found her artistic voice.

Now Lansburg uses driftwood collected from the shores of Lake Superior to create her one-of-a-kind, mixed-media artwork. She says there’s something “magical” about finding the perfect piece of wood and incorporating it into a work of art. Her “Pajama Chairs” have since evolved into more figurative works, but her unique blend of rustic and contemporary motifs remains. Her artwork was featured in Lark’s 500 Chairs: Celebrating Traditional & Innovative Designs.

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Artworks by Amy Lansburg - Mixed Media