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Art on the Air 2019 Panel Discussion: How to make it as an artist in Savannah

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American Art Collector: Savannah GA, Art City Focus

By Kelly Carver | May Issue, 2019

"In the Downtown Design District you’ll find Roots Up Gallery, a stand out in Savannah’s art scene in its focus on Southern folk and outsider art. Owned by Leslie Lovell, Roots Up celebrates its fifth anniversary on May 1 with the exhibition In the Moment, featuring the nationally exhibited, untamed animal portraits of Helen Durant. Lovell’s gallery offers a true, flavorful taste of the South from its most honest artistic voices; its roster includes legacy folk artists of the region plus contemporary artists working in similarly soulful styles. Locals of note include Lisa D. Watson for her industrial reclaimed wall sculptures, and Savannah’s ubiquitous Panhandle Slim for his quotable pop-culture murals."

Five years of Roots Up Gallery 

By Rachael Flora | Art Beat of Savannah || Connect Savannah | April 30, 2019 | Read More

SavArtScene: Roots Up Gallery celebrates five years of southern folk, ‘outsiders,’ self-taught visionaries

By Kristopher | Savannah Art Scene | DoSavannah | April 27 2019 | Read More

20 Questions: Leslie Lovell Roots Up Gallery

By Jim Reed | Entertainment & Life | DoSavannah, Savannah Morning News | April 25, 2019 | Read More

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By Ella Kahl Photography

Painting with wood, Herbert Albin’s work on display at Roots Up

By Rachael Flora | Art Beat of Savannah || Connect Savannah | March 13, 2019

Roots Up Gallery showcases collection of pictorial And Abstract wood mosaics by Herbert Albin

By Kristopher Monroe | Savannah Art Scene | Do Savannah | February 28, 2019

A look back, and a peek forward

By Rachael Flora | Art Beat of Savannah | Connect Magazine | December 25, 2018

SavArtScene: Best of 2018 picks from Savannah arts community

By Kristopher Monroe | Savannah Art Scene | DoSavannah | December 6, 2018

Savannah artist Leslie Lovell works to grow roots, art, gallery

By Molly Hayden | Entertainment & Life | Savannah Morning News | December 14, 2018

Roots Up Gallery moves to Savannah’s Design District

By Kristopher Monroe | Entertainment | Savannah Morning News | September 20, 2018

Roots Up Gallery announces move to Design District

By Jim Morekis | Connect Magazine | September 6, 2018

How To Begin A Lifelong art collection | Roots Up Gallery

Written by Stephanie Tallevast / Photographed by Siobhan Egan | Paprika Southern | Spring Issue 2018

Just Folk

By Amy Paige Condon | Savannah Magazine | April 28, 2017

Day Trip Ideas: Roots Up Gallery in Savannah, Georgia

Vacation Idea | Dream Vacation Magazine

Modern Gladiators, ancient roots

By Rachael Flora Connect Magazine | July 19, 2017

Danette Sperry's gentle soul

By Rachael Flora | Connect Magazine | July 5, 2017

PREferred Gallery For NOGS Tour of Hidden Gardens (2015-2019)

The Best of the South - Savannah’s Hot Spots: A Surging Tide

By Amy Paige Condon | Garden & Gun Magzine | April/May 2017

SavArtScene: Southern folk artists find a home in Savannah gallery

By Kristopher Monroe | Savannah Morning News | January 14, 201

From the roots up, new gallery focuses on folk art

By Jessica Lebos | Connect Savannah | May 15, 2017

An Introduction To Folk Art - Pages 22-27

Words By Bevin Valentine | Images By Siobhan Egan | April 14, 2014