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Ab The Flagman - Folk Art

Ab the Flagman (Roger Lee Ivens) uses exclusively found objects (discarded wood and metal) to make his flag sculptures. Ab was given the nickname Abstract - later shortened to Ab - by friends in high school.

At the age of seven, his father's funeral was instrumental in his career as an artist. He remembers looking at the flag draped over his dad’s coffin. Then he couldn’t understand when the flag was given to an older half-sister, whom he did not know. After that he began collecting cloth flags after the tremendous disappointment of not being given the flag.

In his late 20s he began working in a furniture shop and started collecting the scraps of wood. These pieces became the components of his flags (later some being cast in bronze). He sold his first pieces on the side of the road by the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta.
Ab's work includes flags, eagles, the Statue of Liberty and other symbols associated with the freedom that his military father fought for. Ivens work is collected and shown in many galleries and can be found in House of Blues, and the Mennello Museum of American Art.

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Artworks by Ab The Flagman - Folk Art