Leslie Lovell, Savannah GA

Steven Chandler - Painting

Steven Chandler has created a series of paintings over the last ten years using Red Georgia Mud and Graphite. Through these paintings very important meaningful moments to him and his family's southern past have been shared.

Snippets of life shine through such as Eddy Stirring Hash. "This painting is of a fellow stirring Hash named Eddy.  He was one of my Grandads farm hands up in Greenwood South Carolina. There is a special recipe for hash up there that is served on every special occasion, especially 4th of July. We would all take turns over the course of several days stirring it in a big cauldron with a boat paddle. Attached is a photo of Eddy."

He has developed a soulful style that has depth and movement in his work. He is currently working with oils that we hope to share with you soon.


Artworks by Steven Chandler - Painting