Country / No Country by Christine Sajecki

Opening reception Friday, March 24, 2017

An exhibition of encaustic paintings and drawings exploring rural and urban, travel and home, man and wilderness, and the places where they all fold together.

The show features works by Christine Sajecki that speak to the windy roads and wild land outside our cities.  She explores the space outside the borders of our native experience—a land of displacement, migration, universality, that which cannot be owned.  A space that seems fragile in the face of the current global and political unraveling.

Encaustic is painting with molten beeswax, mixed with damar resin and pigments. The process translates literally as “to burn or melt.”  Encaustic is Ms. Sajecki’s favored medium.  “Encaustic is my home. It's almost like a living thing- its warmth, its body, its behaviors- and painting with it engages all the senses in ways that other mediums don't. Encaustic is so tactile, so physical, and so malleable.”

Christine Sajecki is an artist living between Baltimore, Maryland, and Savannah, Georgia, and is native of Connecticut. Sajecki’s encaustic paintings are dreamy and sometimes allegorical explorations of her surroundings, and informed by history and storytelling, social engagement, urban foot paths, and the body and behavior of the materials she uses. She graduated from Savannah College of Arts and Design with BFA in Painting. Her works have been shown in numerous venues and are among many public and private collections.

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