Brian Bohanan

Brian Bohanan - Painting | Folk Art

I am a self-taught artist and my passion in life is the creative process of art and sharing it with others. My inspiration is my reverence of nature, life and the experience of the creative process. I feel art is a window into the soul and a testament to life's journey and how it has influenced you. This journey is the spark for creativity and catalyst for the vision that becomes my art. It is my goal to speak through my art and have it tell a story. My art is me reaching out to others.

I have a wide range of techniques from the conventional oil on canvas, acrylic on board, to the more unorthodox method of mixed media folk art and collage using found and repurposed objects. I feel reusing materials in many ways complements my style of art. I use mainly reclaimed wood to frame my pieces and it often becomes the canvass itself. Many paintings incorporate salvage materials that I collect from traveling the art circuit throughout the southeast. 

Art has been my full-time profession for over nine years. I've participated in over 200 juried and non-juried art festivals as well as solo exhibits.

Commissioned work available 912-677-2845

Artworks by Brian Bohanan - Painting | Folk Art