Roots Up Gallery specializes in regional and folk artist that possess a soulful style that is borne from within. We are located in Savannah, Georgia and are delighted to share our handmade creations of jewelry, pottery and artwork with you in the gallery or through our extensive on-line shop.

Each artist we represent, either in the self-taught arena or our contemporary artists, share a pure style driven by their own voice. For painters, this expression manifests through oils and acrylics; for mixed media artists, through reducing their carbon footprint; jewelry artisans, through soulful designs; potters, through artful clay creations; and folk artists, through an internal need to create.

In the genre of Southern Folk Art, the founding artists did not consider themselves artists. They were without any formal training and were frequently referred to as self-taught, primitive, outsider or visionary artists. They had no rules but possessed a need to create. They often used materials that were readily available to them such as mud, scrap wood, house paint and tin. Through their pieces they were able to share a memory, escape from reality, or deliver a message. This art form can be complex or simple in nature, and is as expressive as the Blues, a genre that recounts memories, hardships, love and loss.

We look forward to sharing them with you.