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Roots Up Gallery specializes in Southern Folk Art created by legacy and contemporary artists. We also feature local and regional artists who create a wonderful array of paintings, sculptures, pottery and jewelry, much of which takes root from this particular genre.
The beginning of Southern Folk Art was not actually about the art itself because the original artists did not think of themselves as artists. They were without any formal training and were often referred to as self-taught, primitive, outsider and visionary artists. They had no rules so they used materials that were readily available to them which could include mud, scrap wood, house paint or tin to tell their story or deliver their message. This art form can be complex or simple in nature and is truly as expressive as the Blues which tells stories about memories, hardships, love and loss.


Great selection, great prices and warm, welcoming Southern hospitality await visitors to the parlor level of this 1854 mansion - georigaMusic


The sheer variety means the gallery easily lives up to its official description as carrying works by “folk, visionary, outsider and regional artists.”  There’s also an emphasis on affordability.  - City Talk, Savannah Morning News

Roots Up Gallery, featuring mainly self-taught painters and sculptors, is a place that seeks to introduce people to the colorful and meaningful expressions borne in the rural backwoods and under the tin roofs of the South.   - Connect Magazine

Walking into the Roots Up Gallery, I immediately felt a sense of home. Roots Up is full of carefully curated original pieces from local Savannahians as well as select Georgia artists!  - Visit Savannah

Roots Up Gallery highlights homespun art...Savannah’s own genuine, red-blooded regional and folk art gallery space.  - Do Savannah, Savannah Morning News   

Visiting Roots Up Gallery is a great step to take in order to better understand the spirit of the South. - VacationIdea



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